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Potential guests are encouraged to visit, which gives an overview of many of the different activities. The Tourist Center can also furnish guests with some useful advice.


Honnevjen and Marhyl are bathing sites that simply are a must see while visiting the region. Honneven are arguably the most beautiful in Norway! (the municipality of Valle may not be neutral in this issue)


Nomeland is an ideal place for those interested in bike rides. It offers a variety of trails, varying from mountainous terrain to long and flat paths. One recommended trip, either on foot or by bike, is along the river from Røysland (north from Nomeland). Guests can either cycle north to Røysland or drive there by car, leaving your vehicle by the roadblock and continue on foot. The path which runs alongside the river is void of cars and is an excellent cycling path.


Guests are highly recommended to take the trail that leads to the waterfall Gloppefossen. Seeing the waterfall is an experience in and of itself.

Another recommended trail is Kvernhusveien. Following this path, guests will pass a mill house, a forest, the Tveiten Farm and an old cultural landscape. Guests will also have a chance to overlook Valle.

The trail from Berg to Honnevnen via Storetjønn comes also highly praised. However, at times it may require some skillful map reading and at times may be difficult to find the right trial. Yet the trail is worthwhile and guests can arrange to be driven back to Berg if the trip becomes too strenuous.

A trip from Bjørnevatn to Bykle is also possible. Guests may even take a bus to Valle from there.

For guests who wish to take a longer trip, there is also the possibility of going from Berg to Øyuvsbu via Bossbu. Please click here for an overview of the trip. In all, this trip will take two days to complete and guests will have to arrange transportation from Øyuvsbu.

A trip to Ljosådalen is also nice. Guests will have to drive a short distance before leaving their car at the roadblock and walking from there. Please note, the road from Riksveien is easily missed, so please drive slowly and be vigilant.

For guests who wish to drive directly to a mountaintop over 1200 meters over sea level can take to road to Urar. After the bridge and just before Bykle take a left. From there, drive towards Bossvassdammen, and to the right up the green valley on the map. This is the easiest road up to the mountain, however it is privately owned and visitors drive there at their own risk.

In Bykle there are also marked trails, please see Byklestigen.

The Rysstad turpark (a park) in Hylestad also has pleasant walking trails.


Festivals and other events are commonplace during the summertime at Valle, so keep one eye on the links below!

One attraction is the Rygnestadloftet – an absolute must see while visiting.  Vonde-Aasmund built it after choosing a bride from Nomeland.

Tveitetunet (a farm) is also deserving of a visit.

The Setesdal Museum in Rysstad is known for hosting a continuous stream of exhibitions; each being quite different from the last.

Other famous sites include husfliden and the renowned silversmiths in Hasla who craft objects by blowing silver.

Huldreheimen in Bykle is a site where visitors can experience a bit of Norwegian mythology. It is also possible to visit a museum dedicated to the retrieval of iron in the nearby mountains.


A stay at the Nomeland Farm offers a great many opportunities. The farm has many outdoor sites and trails by bike or on foot are right at your fingertips.

The hearth-house is built for regular use and guests should not shy away from preparing food there during their stay. It is most suitable for cooking and guests will be able to prepare their food above an open flame.

The main house has two TVs so that those who cannot do without can rest at ease.

Please see the links page for more information.

Maps with trail possibilities will so be at the disposal of Nomeland’s visitors. For more information visitors can make the short trip to Valle.

View from one of the outdoor sites of the farm. This particular site is furnished with a stone table and stone benches. This sight is especially cozy on warmer days.

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