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The Nomeland Farm is leased from Sunday evening to Sunday evening. It can also be leased for weekends and selective days/nights.


Weekly prices during the prime season are set at kr. 8 000, however they may vary. Please contact the owner for further information. Weekend prices from Friday to Sunday are normally kr. 3 000. Please contact the owner for further information. Day prices with or without overnight stay are kr. 1 000 during weekdays and kr. 2 000 on weekends.

Rental prices for comforters, sheets and pillows are set at kr. 25 per guest. Washing kr. 50 pr. guest if you do not do yourself..
The rentee is kindly requested to clean up after himself. Otherwise, clean-up services cost kr. 700.


Nomeland is a well suited venue for those who wish to have social gatherings located on the countryside. The antique baking-tables can be placed together with 3 tabletops, allowing 38 persons to gather around one long table. If occupants wish to seat more than 38, an additional 30 guests may be seated in the hearth-house and yet another 10-15 in each floor of the Nystog. The house is equipped with a WC in the new addition and there is an outhouse (affectionately named Ginnungagap) in the barn. And fear not- there is a light in the outhouse for those afraid of the dark!
The summertime boasts many charming outdoor areas for picnics and the like. Located north of the barn and south of the house are two large tables made of stone with flat stones carved from the site as makeshift chairs. Another outdoor area is furnished with an old lark tree floor and an outdoor chimney made of stones.
For out-of-town guests who are either in need of a caterer or would like to experience traditional Setersdal cuisine (or a menu of your choosing), please notify the owner who will put you in touch with some professional chefs.
The kitchen is equipped with two stoves, with both regular and detachable hotplates. There is enough cutlery and silverware for 70 guests, all of which is located in the larder.

After social events, guests are welcomed to stay at the Nomeland Farm. However, the town has other camping resorts and a Valle motel to offer.


The hearth-house is well suited for small concerts. Placing a few chairs and mattresses selectively throughout the house will easily provide enough space for 35 persons. Mild temperature is a prerequisite for using the hearth. There needs to be a continuous stream of fresh air to get rid of the smoke.

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